Month: September 2020

September 23, 2020

How to Properly Choose a Halloween Costume

With Halloween coming up, it’s time to choose your costume, but it is quite possible you are stuck with creativity and ideas. Never fear, FS Party Store is here to help you with plenty of ideas to come up with an original costume and creative ideas without breaking your budget. Rest assured that this article we have prepared for you will help you in order to pick the perfect costume for Halloween night!

#1 Deciding on your look

Try to find your own style. Are you funny? Cute? Sexy? Scary? Angry? Perky? Halloween night is a great opportunity to express yourself. Think about your look and hide behind something scary or wacky, or really funny. When looking for your own style, take into consideration the cloth you wear every day and what’s comfortable for you.

#2 What colors do you normally wear

If you prefer dark colors, then you probably wouldn’t want to be a snowman or fairy. Although, a dark fairy seems interesting to be honest. If you are a fan of bright colors, think about fairies, pumpkins, elves, ghosts, rainbows, etc. If you prefer darker colors, you can decide on skeletons, vampires, evil geniuses, etc. After all, let your imagination fly, mix and match, it’s Halloween, and anything goes perfectly.

#3 Think about the costumes you wore in previous years

Is there anything from the previous years you can turn into a new, different costume? Also, you don’t have to dress something that is exactly like you. Try wearing something that reflects your personality.

#4 Think of your interests

Think about what do you like to do. Make a shortlist of the things you really enjoy, be it dressing up, cooking, reading, cosplay, sport, playing games, etc. For example, if you really like to play soccer, dress up as a soccer star. Or if you like some particular TV show, dress up as your favorite character.

#5 Set your budget

Well, costumes can range from very cheap to extremely expensive, so be realistic. When choosing, inquire to see what’s included in the costume you like. Some of them include more parts than the others, so ask upfront so you don’t end up feeling tricked.

#6 Look for sales

It is always a good start to find stores with sales. This way, you can find a costume that suits you perfectly without spending all the budget you have set aside for this occasion.…