July 6, 2022

What’s the Cremation Process and How Does it Work?

By Danielle Davis

When someone dies there are two options: to be buried or cremated. Whatever one the person has chosen before they’ve passed away and written in their will is the process to be followed. Here, we’ll explain to you how cremation works and the process that it involves. Read on to find out more.

Planning Ahead

Having a plan already in place for when you pass away is a demonstration of kindness to your loved ones. It will help to reduce stress that they already feel at such a difficult time. Not only that, but it also helps relieve your own personal worries about what will happen when the time comes and how those who you love will cope.

The Cremation Process

During cremation, the body is lowered into the cremation chamber that’s surrounded by heat. Afterwards, when it’s cooled, the remains are taken and the ashes are then transferred to an urn and given to the family.

Where Does Cremation Take Place?

Cremation takes place in a crematorium. It’s generally a separate building from a funeral home, although on some occasions funeral homes offer cremation services too. The cremation chambers that are used are sometimes also referred to as retorts.

Propane or gas is often used to fuel retorts. The maximum temperature usually reaches up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. In most cases these days, electronics provide the operations involved for the cremation process to take place. Cremation usually takes around two hours in total for the whole process to complete.

Where Does Viewing Take Place?

A room is usually set apart where friends and family can sit. A window is usually included allowing those viewing to see through into the room where the cremation takes place. In another room within the crematorium is where the urns are held to be chosen for the remains to be transferred to following the service.

Choosing a Crematorium

You should always check the procedures involved before you decide upon a crematorium. This will include identification of the body and the processes that are put in place to ensure you are given the right remains. Tags or documents are usually used to ensure that you receive the right ashes.

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